What is the different between borland c++ and visual c++?

Posted on 2000-02-05
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My question is easy.
What is the different between borland c++ and visual c++?
What is the newest version of borland c++?
please help me.

See ya, Izza Acar
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Borland C++ (BC), Bolrand C++ Builder (BCB) and Vusual C (VC) are all C++ complilers.  This means they can all compile standard C++ programs.  If you are  jsut dealing with "standard C++"" programs, that is programs that don't have fancy GUI (windows) interfaces, but instead have a simple console (text)-based interfaces the differences between these compilers is not all that important.  

Where the differences become important is when you consider writing GUI windows programs using one of the frameworks supplied with the compiler. In that case you have to choose the compiler based on the framework you want to use because each supports only one  (Actually, BCB supports all three, but not well, it really only supports VCL well).  your choices are

MFC - VC - By far the most popular C++ framework.
OWL - BC - Getting sort of outdated
VCL - BCB - Much more friendly than MFC, but sometimes not as powerful.

There are other differences.  BC is not being updated anymore (I think) so version 5 is the last and is out-of-date.  (It has poor support for some recent additions to the language, like exceptions and templates)   BCB is being kept up-to-date and us currently in version 4.  VC is being kept up-to-date and is inversion 6.  

Considering this BC isn't realy a good choice anymore.  You should consider BCB or VC.

of the two, I find that VC's help and debugger is SO SO SO much better that  it is clearly the best choice--unless you want to use VCL.  If you want to use VCL the BCB is your only choice.  (And VCL has many advantages over MFC so it is worth considering, the choice between VCL and MFC is not simple.)
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That should have been an answer.  That is 50 or 100pts worth of text, I had better at least get 1.

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can i make good programs in borland c++ 4.5?
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But its old, so it might not have all the C++ lanuage features you woudl like.  It also doesn't support the VCL and MFC frameworks, so you can't use those.  

So it depends on what you want and need.

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