Converting AVI To MPEG

I have done total programming using VIDEO FOR WINDOWS section of Platform SDK. My application is capturing live video through a camera installed on my computer or through a VCR connected to the card in my computer, card known as MPEG-1 Grand VCD 2000. It also Captures Still Images and save that on the disk with BMP format. I have used AVICAP window API functions and GDI functions. The Video Structure is LPVIDEOHDR. Either the captured data goes to the memory pointer pointed by LPVIDEOHDR structure or it goes to the file on hard disk, depending on my call of function (capCaptureSequence or capCaptureSequenceNoFile). I want to convert the captured video file or video data into mpeg-1 format from avi format. For this I want, any Window API function or any other third party function or utility or any other file-conversion utility. It's better if this can be done through any function so that I don't have to go out of my application to convert it or if the utility is there it can be called from my application so that my application don't switch off.

My requirement is to make a VCD out of this captured file which is possible only if the file type is mpeg not with avi.

Or if any other solution to my problem is there, it is also welcome. Site addresses are also welcome.
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For the .avi to .mpg conversion, you can try out at this place
Here you'll find the program with the source code that can be included in your application free. This is a command prompt program, a GUI wrapper is also available & is neat in functionality!!!

But after the conversion, u'd have to rename your file as a .dat file for a commercial VCD player(a TV attached) to recognise it. And also follow the directory structures of the commercial VCDs, including the autostart files, etc.

I'm sure you would have thought of it.

Hope this solves your problem,


Ullas P.A.

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austin123Author Commented:
Thanks ullasps,
    I will try for this site today and will let you know the results very soon.


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