Win2000 upgrade

I have Windows98 installed on my PC, but I also have a Windows NT4 license.
I want to install Win2000 after repartitioning, reformatting etc...
Can I buy the (cheaper) upgrade version of Win2000 and perform a full install with it on an empty PC?  Does the setup ask for a diskette or some other prove of a previous license?  
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you buy the upgrade W2K product and install it on a "clean" system, it will ask you to insert the floppy or CDROM of a qualifying base product.
RogerianusAuthor Commented:
In order to obtain a clean system, is it enough to DOS-format the drive where Windows98 is installed?  Can I convert to NTFS5 later?
When you install W2K it will ask you where you want to install it.  Just delete any existing partitions, make new ones and then FORMAT them in the W2K installer.  I'd suggest using NTFS from the start.  You lose so much by using FAT with NT or W2K that it's just not worth upgrading.

If you go with FAT to begin with, you can convert to NTFS later.
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