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I have an NT4 machine that came with a root partition(C:) of 2G, and extended partion(D:) of 4G, and 2G of unasigned space.  My disk was getting full, so I used partition magic 4 to extend the D: partition to include the remaining 2G.
I rebooted, partition magic ran to 98% and gave an error 304, and rebooted.  Now I continually get error 605-reading batch file, partition magic will now reboot!  What can be done???
How can I boot to DOS?  I try to use the partition magic rescue disk, and get 'Can't load DOS file'?
Thank You.
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   Have you tried to boot up to regular MS-DOS boot disk (boot disk for Win 9x).
  Perhaps you could try hooking up the HD to a Win 9x machine and run Partition magic from there.

If you have a sterile system disk with the dos essential programs on it (, io.sys, msdos.sys).  Boot from it.  If not, you can make one using the format /s command on a floppy.  this will format a disk and place these three system files on it.  My sterile boot disk, in addition to the above, has fdisk.exe,,, defrag.exe, scandisk.exe and qbasic.exe.

You didn't say whether or not there was a flopy in your a: drive when you were re-booting your machine.  If there is take it out and try rebooting.  if there is not, it sounds like the partition magic program has written itself to the master boot record on your disk.  To fix this, use the sterile system disk (making sure that it has fdisk on it) to boot and run the command:
fdisk /mbr
This will take the partition magic image off of the master boot record and allow you to boot into winnt.
Once you have winnt running, go to the Start/Programs/Administrative tools (common)/disk administrator program item and see whate, exactly, partition magic has done to your disk D:.  If the D: drive shows 4Gb and there is 2Gb of free space showing, you can make the free space into a new drive, E: or any other available drive letter you want.
If you are determined to use partition magic to increase your D: drive to 6Gb, my advice is to read all documentation you have available on partition magic, as it may have some limitation regarding disk size.

Good luck

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marvinmAuthor Commented:
I dont know why I didn't try this before, but when the system indicates:
"For last know good... press spacebar"
I hit the spacebar, used the last saved configuration and bingo! All seems great, and the new extended partion even seems OK!  I had several services running when I applied the partition magic changes, I think this may have caused the 625 error (partition magic determined that the disk configuration is different than when it last checked) Anyway, fciii, you provided me with some good info for future problems, and with Windows I know I will have them.
Thank You.
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