Without gui environment, how do I get the needed video drivers from the dos disk to linux? I think I have the files I need, just unsure of how to get them where they need to be. Help!!! The problem Video card is the Sis6326.
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mattropeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you've already downloaded the drivers under dos/windows, then they should be on the dos/windows partition of your harddrive.  You need to mount that drive to have access to the files.  This will make your dos drive appear as a directory in your Linux filesystem.  First, make a directory where you want your dos/windows files to show up in your Linux directory hierarchy.  For example

  mkdir /msdos

Then, issue the following command to mount the drive:

  mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /msdos

You may need to change the "/dev/hda1" in order to point to the correct partition (drive) that your files are on.  If this works properly, you should be able to go to the /msdos directory and see all the files on your dos/windows drive and copy any that you need to another location.

Note that you'll probably need to be logged in as "root" to do most of this.
doc020500Author Commented:
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