Linux and Win98 multi boot

I'm getting ready to install linux on my primary PC which is already set up with Win98 on a 10.8 GB Hard drive. When I installed, I used Western Digital's EZ-Drive software to recognize the full drive. Using this utility, I divided my drive into a primary FAT32 and an extended partition (about 4 GB) I never used the extended partition (saving it for Linux) I'm going to use Partition Magic to delete the ext. FAT32 part. (PM can see the WD overlay software from EZ drive). I'm going to install linux and place LILO on the MBR of the drive, with the default to Windows on bootup ( I share this machine with my wife and kids who only use Windows)
Here's the question..
If I decide to remove linux at some point (make drive space, whatever), how do I remove LILO from the MBR, short of fdisk? Should I use a 3rd party boot manager instead (Boot Magic or system commander)?? I think I know the answer will be to delete the WIN 98 partition and reinstall if I don't use the boot manager,  but that's not much fun.. (I'll back up anyway) Thanks in advance.
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From within dos, you can use the command:

  fdisk /mbr

This will clean LILO out of the master boot record, but will not damage windows in any way.  It is probably easiest to do this before actually destroying Linux.

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jgarrAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I did break down and get partition magic with boot magic.
I knew about fdisk /MBR and have used it when setting up machines infected with boot sector viruses,  but I thought you had to blow away the partition.
Sorry for the delay.
This procedure worked with Windows NT, however WINNT still did could not find the boot record error message was...

Could not find (AA55) 4444 found.
Please make sure boot path is correct...

So, I ran an ERD and NT decided to reinstall itself, thus deleting all the profiles and application registry keys. So nothing runs, the services I had on there before don't load or aren't recognize because NT decided to install itself on my D partition and not over the one in the C partition. I still have to blow away everything and reinstall. I would suggest being careful with fdisk /mbr.
jgarrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the update. I will test on a non production machine before I continue. The partition magic and boot magic work great by the way..
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