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redhat and laptop?

Is it installation of redhat on
a laptop as easy as on a desktop?
Is there any special issue?

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It all depends on the laptop. Some, that use well supported hardware, are basically a "load and go". Others, especially the very old and very new, can be a royal pain.

I've installed RH 6.1 on a number of laptops (and I'm using it on an IBM ThinkPad 1472 right now) with decidedly mixed results. You really ant to check the hardware list against the supported list carefully. Things to watch out for include; internal winmodems as there's hardly and drivers available, strange video devices not on the compatability list, offbeat internal sound devices, and variants on the standard PCMCIA controllers.

Some of the problems can be fixed with updated (not from RH for the most part) software. PCMCIA support gets a lot better if you install the latest version (pcmcia-3.1.10 as of last night). Sound can usually be made to work via the OSS drivers (not free) or the alsa driver. The latest XFree supports some of the newer video cards found on laptops (tho I still can't get an IBM 1460 to work). Winmodems are basically a no-go. Because of the way a winmodem works, it takes a lot of information from the manufacturer to write a driver (and apparently most don't want to provide that info), or the manufacturer must provide the driver. See the Modem How-To for details.

There are several How-To's out on the net specifically for laptops, sorry I don't have the URL's handy at the moment.
I've got a couple of the URL's that I've found to be useful:

loke.as.arizona.edu/~ckulesa/tp390e has very good information specifically on the ThinkPad 380e aka I Series 1472.

www.snafu.de/~wehe/index_li.html is a more generic Laptop resource.
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