MFC and Shell Assert errors

I am attempting to write a small dialog based MFC program that uses the SHGetValue to check a registry value.  However, whenever I include shlwapi.h and link with shlwapi.lib, the program crashes before it can even get started with the following error:

Debug Assertation Failed!

Program: D:\depmake.exe
File: afxwin1.inl
Line: 22

When debugging, I can't even step to the first line of the code before getting this error.  If I click the retry button to get to the source, it fails on the following line:

      { ASSERT(afxCurrentResourceHandle != NULL);

Does anyone know of a cure for this action?  I could really care less about using the SHGetValue function, but I'd hate to be excluded from using any shell functions simply because I'm using MFC (once again an indication of how poorly planned MFC is).


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I would suggest trying the Reg type functions like:

etc... That's the Win32 way to access registry values from _any_ Win32 program

The function SHGetValue is only for NT 5 (Windows 2000).
dirtdartAuthor Commented:
That is a good suggestion, and it's what I ended up doing with this program, but it doesn't solve the problem.  The program didn't crap out because of that function, it crapped out because I linked it with shlwapi.lib.
What OS are you running on?
The AfxGetResourceHandle is bombing because your app is trying to link in Shlwapi.dll but it can't find it in your system.  When you use the "Shell" functions, and link with Shlwapi.lib that puts a import block in the .idata segment of your exe.  This .idata segment instructs the OS to load the Shlwapi.dll into your process before it runs.  It can't find the Shlwapi.dll in your system, so it doesn't load.  There is also some code in the Shlwapi.lib that runs before your code does that checks to see if the dll loaded ok.  If it doesn't it asserts.  So the answer to get your app from hitting this assert is to not use the "Shell" functions and do not link in the Shlwapi.lib.

So to solve your problem, take the link instruction out and use the "Reg" style functions to access the registry.

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dirtdartAuthor Commented:
Sounds like a weiner to me.
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