How to allow views outside of MDI frame?

In an MDI application is there an easy way to have the view windows extend outside or be entirely outside of the frame window?  In other words disable the windows clipping.  Is this appropriate?
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mikeblasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MDI itself disallows this. MDI requires that child frame windows be exactly that--child windows which are also frame windows.  Since they're child windows, they'll always clip to the visible edge of their parents.

You can create a window that will have the look and feel you want, but you'll need to create it outside the MDI framework. To get it going, that means you'll need to use a different frame than CChildFrame. But it also means that you'll need to be responsible for putting that window into the list in the "Windows" menu, and handling activation and tiling and stuff.

Finally, instead of relying on the MFC framework, you'll need to specially create the window yourself. If the user opens a file, it'll be up to you to detect that it's the type of file you want in your floater window and create it with your special frame.

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TaurusAuthor Commented:
It sounds like I may be better off foregoing the MDI framework?  Perhaps a SDI application and create the additional windows explicitly using CWND?

This is going to be a image viewing application.  There is to be 4 windows: a window with a toolbar & menu, a window with small tiled images which allows selection of images, and two windows (max.) that can be opened up for viewing selected images.  The windows are all going to be free floating.  

> The windows are all going to be free floating.  

Then, yes: it would be better to forego the MDI framework. What you're writing is simply not an MDI application!

..B ekiM
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