Setting Tab Stops in the Studio

I'm using Visual Studio 6.0 and I wish to change the default tab setting.
Each time I set the value to 3 for a file and then re-open it, the value has returned to 4.  :(

How can I change the default Tab setting for a project or the Studio and not have it change back?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi TrainMan !!
  Its working fine here , What's the problem ?
I set it to 3 and reopened the file it was still 3 please check it are u doing it properly

1)Go to Tools(Menu)
2)Go to options..(submenu)
3)Go to tabs
4) set it there , the file tabs change takes place and say ok.
5)Reopen the file still it is 3 only..
Are you trying to hard-code it? Try just hitting Control - D and clicking the order that you want the tab stops to be - and make sure the control has its Tab Stop property checked.

Some file extensions registred to use with VS 6.0. ie. .c, .cpp, .h...., So, after setting tab stops to 3 from options dialog this type of file are working OK. But the others (.mnu for example)are not.

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Whoops - I was thinking the "other" tab stops.

TrainManAuthor Commented:
I tried answering this last weekend, but I guess it didn't go through.  Sorry about that.

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Thanks for the step by step.  This is what happens when you're battery is down to 5% and you  don't have any more junk food for a quick charge.

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