GeForce Problem

I recently bought a Guillemot Prophet GeForce256 SDR card. The problem is that whenever I play a DVD or even a mpeg-1 file, I always get these horizontal intefernce type lines on my screen when its playing back. This happens on both Media Player and for DVDs the Xing DVD Player. This did not happen before. I have the DMA option enabled on my DVD drive.

My system is:
PII 400 MHz
32MB GeForce Card
Toshiba DVD Drive

Any help will be much appreciated.
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- Geforce 32 Mb
- DVD 4x Hitachi
- Pentium III - 500 MHz / 128 Mo
- Using WinDVD software

-> No problem ...

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Sounds like it is a motion conpensation problem.  See if there are new drivers available for you card.
benny_siskoAuthor Commented:
I installed the latest drivers(ver 3.72) and it made a significant difference however the problem is stiil there. Someone told me it could be to do with the power supply as I got my PII machine quite a while back and it only has a 200W Power supply.
benny_siskoAuthor Commented:
Your answer didnt really answer my question but since I am not having many problems anymore and that this question has been locked for ages I thought i'd be kind and give u the points anyway.

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