computer to tv connection

What do I need to be able to watch
DVD movies on my Sony XBR tv using my Samsung DVD-ROM drive on my computer?
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TokeMUpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Two way's.
1. If you have a Mpeg2 card that came with the dvd player. there must be a connector on the back, for S-video or/and composite.
2. With a tv card or a VGA card with tv card in it that has a tv out option, like ATI All-in-wonder.(also with S-video and/or composite)

connect them direct into TV if it has that connector or use scart converter to connect to TV.

good luck

Connect the output of the DVD drive Red white and yellow connections to the respective input connections of the Sony XBR.  

You may need to buy a longer cable than the one furnished with your TV.
Insert DVD from the proper zone and play.

I've included the FAQ's for the DVD for your convenience.
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carguyAuthor Commented:
I don't have a red, yellow, and white connections on the back of the Samsung DVD-ROM drive.

I need information on video cards etc.
You need a video card with an output for tv. Some of them have video out and some have the s-video connector. I have the ATI all-in-wonder with the s-video. Not sure what inputs are on a sony xbr. If it doesn't have s-video then you need a video card with video and audio outputs or an RF output.
Without the TV out in Samsung drive, U can go for some video cards which supports TV, i.e. cards with TV outs.  For eg:- Trident 9750 is an AGP with 4MB VRam, that has an output which we can connect to TV.  They'll provide the wire for that connection along with the Card.

Or U can go for a VGA to TV Converter.  i.e. the output which has to be given to monitor can be converted to the input to the TV.
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