IE 5.01 installation error

I installed IE 5.5beta and had it running bug free, until I discovered that Windows Update doesn't support it.
So I uninstalled the beta version and tried reinstalling IE 5.01. However, I couldn't get past the download IE 5.01 dialog in Windows Update. The program tries to download the cab files and there are some quick messages about "checking Internet Explorer 5 signature..." or something. And Then I get a message that some needed files were not downloaded, that I try to resume setup, quit all running programs, etc. etc.
I've tried everything from the Resume button, to the install from start, to running maintenance wizard, deleting the windows update directory and the temp files, and closing programs using ctrl-alt-del except systray, explorer, and rnaapp.  The windows update program works perfectly on all the other updates, but NOT on this one (Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet tools) Please Help!
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xplorer091999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This happened to me too! After much tweaking, and doing the above. I downloaded the IE5.01 installer from the following URL (not through windows update):
Installation went smoothly afterwards!
Try going to the add\remove programs in the control panel, click on IE5 and click on remove, this should bring up a screen that will allow you to repair IE5
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