"*.MIX" format

Does anyone know what the "*.MIX" format is?

If so how can I open a file in this format?

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There was a (chemical) process automation package that used this extension once upon a time,  but it seems like kind of a long shot.
MIX is used by Bluewave, Command & Conquer and Red Alert. For a description of the formats go to www.wotsit.org and do a search for MIX.

Ciao, Mike

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READERAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the resource on file formats.

Do you know of any way to convert this type of file to something standard?
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Unfortunately not and I doubt that it is possible at all, since the mentioned programs store their own data. So what standard could be considered to take the transformed data? I believe none unless the MIX file would only hold images (what I doubt).

Ciao, Mike
READERAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lischke
I know I'm over 2 months late, but I just found this site looking for *THIS PARTICULAR QUESTION*.  I have a .MIX file taken by a digital camera.  After viewing it with an editor, it appears to be used by a program called "Microsoft Picture It!".  It is available from Microsoft for $54.95 with a $20 rebate, what a bargain!

Does anyone have a .MIX reader that doesn't involve giving money to Microsoft?
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