Sound Card fails after error message...

I've built my own computer (475mhz AMD, 96 mb ram, spacewalker 591p mobo)  and I put a cheep sound card in it that i won online auctioning.  after i install everthing, win98, drives (which I've done 5 or so times)  i get an error message after start up called MMtask.tsk has been performed illegally, contact vendor...etc..
right afterwards, my sound cuts off.
Drivers are up to date, no irq conflicts.. do i just need a new sound card??  thank you.
Andrew, TN
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trekie1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
try going to device manager and removing sound card then shut down and remove the sound card from comp ,then reboot and make sure its the sound thats causing problem , if so get rid of that cheap sucker as David sugested
Try to replace this file from the WIN98 original disc.  If that doesn't work, you gave yourself the right answer, the card is "cheep". Get rid of it.
also seems like i recall reading where AMD 350 and above processors have trouble with certian motherboards ,maybe you should check there page for a patch , I may have saw that on windows update
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