Lukkin Fur Java Tutorials

Hey folks,

I've been programming in HTML (whoops - did I use "programming" and "HTML" synonymously?), JavaScript, VB and C++ for quite some time now, along with Perl and a few RPN languages.

I know a lot about JavaScript and its syntax already, and a lot of basic manipulative and detection tricks.

My question is -
Where can I find a few good sites (around 5 preferably) to show me how to code Java applets using graphics (both bitmaps and hard-coded, rendered sprites) such as moving 3D cubes, etc...

Do I need MSVJ++? I only have VC and VB on my machine - If this Java stuff works just by writing code in Notepad then I'm all for it.

Thanks in advance!
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mduduConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a very good Java tutorial
Hi Supermario...didcha find the Nukem code I wanted?

Yeah you can write java code in just notepad,However it will help if you have a "good" editor like MSVJ++ cause that stuff comes bundled with stuff like smart edit...something you must be familiar from your days at VB.

you may want to visit

This one has links to loads of applet examples

this one says it all
Personally I don't like MSVJ++ but many people do and if you're into VC and VB I guess you can take advantage of using MSVJ++.
However, Notepad will do the job and some other apps like kawa or editplus
in combination with jdk can make the job a bit easier.
Using JDK:
->Gives you very good documentation
->Higher compatibility than msvj++

I work with java for about some time and I've only used these great docs:

Sun's Tutorial:

API Documentation:

A good starting point:
C:\Program Files\jdk1.2\docs\api\index.html

Hummm, You want spinning cubes? Try the sun's Java 3D.
It's kind of an add-on to jdk so that you can work directly with open-gl.
It's very very easy to use...

Just forget that
"C:\Program Files\jdk1.2\docs\api\index.html"  thing...

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