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My OS Win98 Cannot Be Shutting Down From The Start..Shut Down,it Closes All The App's and Stay On Win98 Screen Which Written: Windows is Shutting Down
And Stay Without Any Response Then I Have to Switch it off manually.
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Click Start, Run and type in MSCONFIG and click OK. Now click the Advanced button. Now check Disable Fast Shutdown. Now test the system!
did you check windows update for a patch for windows 98 shutdown supplement. also maybe there is something running in the background that is not closing properly. do a control alt delete before you shutdown and see what is running. close everthing from the task manager then try to shutdown from start shutdown.
hello mr omeral..
this problem happened to me many times
i knew after that installing not fully tested programs that i downloaded from the internet is the problem
some times i uninstall these programs and it worked
other times it doesn't soo i had to reinstall the win98 after i delete its directory at all.
im sorry its a bad solution but it works.
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