get the IDispatch of a com class

i have a com class (interface) with several functions.
i m writing a function that will execute one of this function ( by using the line: pDispatch->Invoke(dispid, IID_NULL, LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, DISPATCH_METHOD, &disp, &varResult, NULL, NULL);

now, what i need is a way to get the pDispatch ( IDispatch* pDispatch ).
i know only the inteface name & i also have a pointer to it's class (CCbtInterface* m_pCbtInterface;).

how do i do it ?
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Getting the IDispatch is basic.  You get it from IUnknown::QueryInterface().  If you can't get IUnknown, you can't do ANYTHING with a COM object!

1) CoInitialize()  - initialize COM - required!

2) CoCreateInstance() - loads the COM object, if necessary and returns you a pointer to the IUnknown interface - also required!

3)Now you have IUnknown, you can use IUnknown::QueryInterface to get a pointer to ANY other interface on the object, including IID_IDispatch.

4) When you're done with IUnknown, don't forget to call IUnknown::Release()

5) When you're don'e with IDispatch, don't forget to call IDispatch::Release()

6) CoUninitialize()

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BTW, if you have m_pCbtInterface, you can still use m_pCbtInterface->QueryInterface() to get IDispatch as ALL COM interfaces MUST inherit from IUnknown.  This means that m_pCbtInterface->QueryInterface() is the SAME as IUnknown::QueryInterface() by definition.
yaeltAuthor Commented:
i have a really stupid question ...
but :
i have IDispatch* pDispatch; ,right ? & the QueryInterface function get a
void ** as the 2nd parameter, right ?
how can i pass the pDispatch 2 it ?

help !
( i said it's a stupid qst, didnt i )
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QueryInterface takes a pointer to a pointer to a void so that it can return to you a pointer to a void.

IDispatch *pDisp;

pUnk->QueryInterface(IID_IDispatch, (LPVOID *)&pDisp);

Now, pDisp has the address of IDispatch.

You pass it the _ADDRESS_ of pDisp so that it can fill it in with the pointer to IDispatch you need.

Have you considered getting a good book on COM?  It seems like you are missing some of the basics.  I'd suggest "Inside COM" by Rogerson as a good starting point.
Ney..ney..Don't go for Inside COM..
Read the bible Essential COM by DonBox.

Personally, I think that Essential COM is a great book and it was the first COM book I purchased.  After trying to read it time after time, I found that it was just not a good introduction and I still didn't understand COM.  

After I then found Inside COM, read it, Essential COM made a LOT more sense.

I just don't feel it's a good place to start with COM.

As always, your mileage may vary...
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