Can U draw things ?

hi .....

I am bout to build my personal web site,  i was chocked that i can not use any drwaing or image processing  program..... i have corel, i have adope photoshop, and free hand!  

I thought that it would be easy to use them to produce a professionally looking drwaing!  

Now i should deal with someone, who REALLY knows how to use these things!

I have a "simple" drwaing idea... and want someone to do it for me!  (in this case) the accepted answer would be the drwaing you draw!

If you are intersted to know more about this matter please email me to  .  

when you know the idea, and find that you can do it.   Come back here and post a comment..... then i will accept your comment as an answer with a grade A :-) , i take the drwaing i want, you take all the points!

I have created this email specially for this matter... if you want you can do the same..... but i do NOT prefer you to this,  i mean may be we can deal again in the future.... so if you want.... please use your normal email address!

Waiting for your emails thanks!

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mail me at
and see what i can do for your favour !
Poor_FatherAuthor Commented:

For those who want to contact me... the user name is

drwaing_things   NOT drawing_things :),

it seemed that i am unable to create a simple free email address! :)

Poor Poor Father,

Perhaps it would better and less bothersome for all interested (including yourself, of course) that you explain here what the drwaing required is about. It would save time and effort to those who can't do the job, and it will save you time having to explain again and again to who knows how many people what is the drwaing that you need.

Good vibes!!!!!
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letterwing.... you dun seem to follow the instruction the poor father gave us !!
Poor_FatherAuthor Commented:
No .... i want the drawing done for me... simply becuase i know nothing about it.... or this is what i have recently descovered!

Lobo , if an expert with a drawing talents is NOTwelling to send a simple email to inqure.... this means that he/she do not even have the time to do a dood drwaing! :)

I do not think that i want to post the whole this here! well, it is not a secret, but you can simply kow my thoughts if you ask me via email!
then a link to the accepted drwaing would be posted here (wich is actually the accepted answer).

For your satisfaction, i want to draw an S letter and a T letter inside a lamp!  if you have the time to know more, please email me to the email address
drwaing_things@hotmail and i will give you a linkto a page with many drwaings and plenty of details!

Thanks for your suggestion.
Sounds cool.....

Think I might just have a go if I can find a suitable lamp....

<goes off to find some lamp 3d objects/pictures for the reflections...>
You mean something like an edited version of:
With an animated flaming T inside it?
Have you looked at the drwaing I sent you???
Uhhhhhhhh......  Hold your fire, Father....

Thingie was.... if you go to an expert for help you might as well bring the details with you..... Think of it as in going to a shop that offers free car tune-ups and asking the mech to come to your home to check your car....  ;)
Poor_FatherAuthor Commented:

Lab_Rat ,

thanks for your efforts,  actually i was thinking of something like theese in the following page :

The links you provided were good, but they are not what imeant!  may be because English is my THIRD forgin language!

EAL4 !  sorry, i thought that i have posted my comments here, actually i tryped the comment on my word processor, but forget to post it here,and didn't email it to you.. even! :(  i am so SORRY.

Thanks EAL4  for your drwaing.... it was a nice one, but it was beyond what  i am thinking of!  brain storming have the meaing of finding an idea after a deep thinking... which is not the case..... i will offer some free tips and information resources in my personal site.... so i need something that is related to tips rather than related to finding an idea after brain storming.

Also the brian looked not in confirmty with the S & T... the s. t. are colored where, the brain is in black and white.... finally the yelloy object in the meddle , seemed like  a third letter .... or it seemed that it is unrelated to MY subject, well it may be related to brain storming but not tips and information forwarding.

Also puting S & T insde a lamp, gives the feeling that the information are deep, and IN the center of the subjects.  Thanks for your nice drawing, and let me know if you have other ideas!  by the way, i prefer to discus this through email.... but it is ok withme if you want me to discuss it here!

Thanks :)

Eric AKA NetminderCommented:

I've been watching this thread since it's been up, and have even taken the time to look at your web page as suggested.

With that, I have a number of comments:

1. Here's something for you to look at. ...but you don't get anything other than the gif.

2. Your requirements are those normally put to a graphic designer -- that is, a person who gets paid to design logos, ads and such. It's one thing to ask for advice from people who take the time to answer questions about problems; it's another thing completely to ask someone to do for free what he/she gets paid to do. And frankly, asking someone who has taken the time to produce something for you to REDO it is downright greedy.

LAB RAT and EAL4 -- Send him a bill.
ericpete,  I looked at your logo design. I sent one very similar two days ago, but I included a shadow and rays. I agree with everything you wrote. PoorFather, we're waitng for your reply.
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
EAL4 -- *grin*... Good ol' Corel...
Poor_FatherAuthor Commented:
ericpete, EAL4 & others!  sorry for being late inmy responds, becuase my computer was down.

Thanks for posting me your design in .... but it needs some work to make it better (which you , from your words, will not do).

Let me remind you and the others, that if you do the logo for me.... you will NOT do it for free! you wil do it and take 780 points.  Points here are the currency, you can even exchange them for dollars! ( 1 point = $0.10  )

When i posted my question, i was looking for somone who is welling to HELP, and do it for his own pleasure and self-challenging!  i was NOT looking for those who are welling to make money, and they will waste their time with me.

As the slogan at the top of this page says : "the #1 knowledge sharing cummunity on the web"  so, it is not ONLY about creating a logo, but also to tell me (simply) how did you do it? what programs did you use?  .... see... you are sharing your knowledge with me, by showing me a practical desgn (which i already asked for).

I could do it myself, but it won't look beutiful!  i don't have to have bad design on my site, simply becuase it is free!, i should struggle to get the best things i can bring to my visitors, and for free.

Finally, My site will have so many free resources, and information.... i am not expecting to be payed by the visitors in anyway (there is no ads)... so why i am supposed to pay money for doing free services!

In the oppesite side, YOU (refers to those who have the knoledge) should help to keep the internet FREE.  by doing part time efforts with low cost or even free.  Well, my site will not recive as much visitors as yahoo, but it will remain free.

finally, thanks again for your nice drawing... and if you have any other thoughts please tell me.

eal4 , I told you that your drawing was so nice , but it was not what i wanted! .It is a whole new idea (wich is very clever) but simply not what i asked for in my logo page.)
Thanks for your time, and please tell me if you are welling to work on it, a bit.

Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
*bemused grin*... I didn't say I wouldn't do it. What I did say is that you're not asking for advice -- which is the purpose of this site. You're asking for services, for which professionals get paid. My attitude, which I've come to in over 30 years in the design and printing industries, is that until you pay for it, it's mine, and not yours, unless I give it to you. That's why I posted a gif, and not a file with which you could easily tinker.

With regard to the "currency" of this site, 780 points and $1 will get me a cup of coffee at McDonald's. I don't need more t-shirts, no matter how pretty they are. Using that as an argument is hardly valid, since the "currency" anyone earns isn't worth anything anywhere but here -- my landlord won't accept it as rent.

What you do with your site (free or paid) is of no consequence to me. NOTHING on the Internet is free -- someone, somewhere, is footing the bill for servers, routers, telephone lines and so on. That you choose to give away information is fine with me. That you think I am compelled to do the same is unfortunate.

Finally, since you asked so politely, I used Corel Draw to modify a piece of clip art which came with Corel (since it's a licensed copy of the software, for which I paid, I can modify it any way I like, and can use it on the Internet). The text is very simply two characters in an extra bold typeface (Futura, as I recall), converted to curves, and stretched into conformance with the curves of the bulb. Nothing fancy, if you happen to have the software. Once finished, it was exported as a gif, resized slightly, and uploaded.



erm... shall send you the other images as stated in last e-mail. Could I have my points now please.... grin

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Poor_FatherAuthor Commented:
Thanks ben.... your timly images will really help me in establishing a good looking site,

Thanks again, and keep me informed about your site.
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