What does "Automation Error" mean

I wrote an app in VB6.
On some machines it runs fine. On others we ge "Automation Error" on startup.
I packaged this with the Packaging Wizard.
Any Ideas?
I only have 25 pts left.
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Does the install package contain the STDOLE2.TLB file?

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:

Download and install vbrun60sp3.exe from this site:

If still not working:
1-What components are you using?
2-Can you add a couple of msgbox to find the line that causes the error?
a6106aAuthor Commented:
Took a look at the "Package/Support" files that the Wizard produces. Don't see that file listed.
I got that kind of Automation Error message once when I did not have that file referenced, try add it in the References (OLE Automation) and make a new setup program.

Automation error typically acts up when VB can't communicate with a library or control. This library or control could be a standard item, or one you created yourself. If the first is the case, check if all used controls and libraries are included in the package. If the second is the case, do indeed check if stdole2.dll (OLE Automation) is refered to in your project, as well as in the project of the library. Usually referring to stdole2.dll only is required when working with an ocx. VB includes a reference to stdole2.dll automatically when a new project is created, no matter what type of project.

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