Video RAM size

I have a H/P 5320 150MHz with 2MB video RAM.  I am not a game player.  Will more video RAM significantly improve my screen paint time?  What would offer the best price/performance, 4MB, 8MB, 12MB or 16MB in my situation? If upgrade is recommend which products should I consider.
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Yes it would but you would see the improvement mostly in games and graphics

I have about the same system config.
One would of caution. If you want to upgrade check you MB age. Alot of older boards are pci 2.0 complaint. The top graphic card are 2.1. Most say they will work but some feature may not.
I tried matrox, ATI, Creative and had trouble with them because of the complance issue. I'm sure you can upgrade just be careful.

Your second question?
Opinions are products are like a--holes
everybody has one! LOL
good luck
WHat? Video RAM does _nothing_ for display speed, it only allows you to run more colors at a given resolution.

(the exception is if your video card supports doblebuffering the new RAM, but now we are talking high-end graphics boards.)

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