Hp 610

A friend has an hp 610, When printing e-mail the date at the bottom gets cut in half the bottom half doesn't print. He is using IE4. It doesn't matter where the date is, the print can stop in the middle of the page and it still cuts off the bottom of the date.
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does everything else print out fine ?
Marshall081399Author Commented:
yes everything else is fine.
probably u must set the margins in Printer/Properties
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what e-mail progranm are you using to print from ?
try these steps

ISSUE: Thin horizontal white streaks or lines are visible in color or black fill areas of a portrait page. The white streaks may be more noticeable in darker colors and may make text appear to be faded.

SOLUTION: Follow the steps below to correct the white streaks:

1. Verify that HP Premium Inkjet Glossy Paper is being used. Third-party glossy papers may give unpredictable results.

2. Verify that HP ink cartridges are being used and that they have not been refilled. Third-party inks are not supported in any HP DeskJet series printer because they may give unpredictable results.

3. Clean the ink cartridges by running the Clean Test on the printer's control panel or by running the Clean Test in the printer's Status Monitor, Toolbox, or HP DeskJet Control Panel for DOS.

4. Clean the copper-colored electrical contact strip on the ink cartridge with a lint-free cotton cloth that is slightly dampened with water.

5a. Try aligning the cartridge

If this does not work then you could try updating your printer driver if that doesn't work then you will either have to contact HP or the e-mail program manufacturer

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What is the proposed answer talking about??  
The question was about the bottom half of the date line being cut off and the answer is about streaks across the page???

To fix the printer cutting the bottom of the last row off just go to File, page setup and adjust the margin at the bottom of the page, add .25" and it should be fine.

Reject the proposed answer if it does not pertain to your problem.
DJ123 He said it does not matter where the date prints out it gets cut off how cam changing the bottom margin affect that    if you have 60 lines of print on a page and your margins are set for 60 lines and it cut's off the 60th line then may adjusting the margins would work but what he is saying if he prints on line 10, 20, 30 , 40, 50 , 60 it always cuts off the date so how does changing the margins affect anything ? only if it was getting cut off left to right not top or bottom... please explain margins causing this...

it is either bad ink cartridge or the way the app is formatting it to the printer.
Marshall081399Author Commented:
brian is right, It is the second printer
with new ink cartridges so I think it is the way the app is formatting it to the printer, I haven't had a chance to get back to this friends house yet to try and download different drivers.I'll let you know when I do.
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