Formatting a Quantum 2.1gig HD

I need to format a Quantum Fireball ST 2.1 gig HD.  The utility I had,
(Ontrack disk manager) is on a floppy disk that has gone brain dead.
I can't find anywhere to download this utility.  Has anyone got it?  Is
there another utility that will do the same thing?

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jjmcdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless your motherboard is very old, you should be able to format a 2.1 G drive with DOS Format.  You can create partitions with FDisk.  If you don't have a DOS floppy, compmania's answer is a good one, but it relies on the same thing, having a motherboard that recognizes a 2.1G drive.

Be sure your motherboard recognizes the drive.  Go to your BIOS settings and, depending on your BIOS, you should be able to have it automatically recognize the drive either while in the BIOS or during boot.  If it shows the 2.1G you're in business.

The point of OnTrack disk manager is in case the drive is too big for your motherboard.  For a 2.1G drive that's probably an early 486 or older.
This is easy, go to Start -> Settings -> Control panel -> Add/remove programs -> Startup disk -> Create Disk. Now you just restart the computer with the disk in the drive and when you get the a: prompt type format z: (z is your drive letter name)
> Is there another utility that will do the same thing?

Take the hard-drive to a colleague's computer, and use the 'FORMAT' command on their system.

Or, purchase a copy of "Partition Magic" (http://WWW.PowerQuest.Com).
You can make a two-diskette "bootable" system, and run this software to allocate partition(s), and to "format" each partition.
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U can configure the BIOS settings to recognize the drive and then U can partition & format ur Hard disk using

1.  FDISK.EXE  & FORMAT.COM of the OS which U are booting. eg. Win95,      DOS, Win98, etc.
2.  Disk Manager usually used for Seagate hard disks.  The executable file is      DM.EXE For using it with Quantum, give DM /O (O stands for Others)
3.  Use Partition Magic, which is available in a single floppy.  If U cannot get      it, pls mail me your Mail ID at,  I'll send it to U.

t1226krAuthor Commented:
I feel foolish.  Thanks to all.
> Use Partition Magic, which is available in a single floppy. If U cannot get it, pls mail me your Mail ID at, I'll send it to U.

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