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Software recommendation

This is what I want to do--I have created an object and I want to tell the computer how to move this object in order to create frames for animation.  I know it can be done, because one of the tutorials on WebMonkey refers to this ability but does not reference the software!
Does anyone know what software will do this for me?
I will sure appreciate your input.
Thanks, Gayle
1 Solution
You have an endless supply of ways to do this. Each choice is meant for a different final output. So heres a list in no particular order. You will have to decide which the right one for you is.

Adobe Premier-Film or Video Animation
Macromedia Director-Cell animation (SouthPark uses macromedia Director)
Flash-Web output. Much like Director.
Apple Final Cut Pro-Film or Video. Much like premier.

Those are the big ones that i can think of at the moment. I would recommend Macromedia Director as it is the most versatile at creating "inbetweens" which is what youre describing.
bbwgtrAuthor Commented:
I really do appreciate your responce and I am happy with weed's answer.  However I would like to leave my question up to get additional suggestions if I may.  I might add that cost is a factor in whether or not I can obtain any software that will allow me to accomplish this sort of task.
Thank You, Gayle

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