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Hi there!
I just came across a homepage hosted by www.xoom.com and he found a way to hide their banners that are displayed at the top of every page. His homepage is @ http://members.xoom.com/Polaris_IRC/ . Can any of you found out how he did this by looking at his source?

Thanks to all of you that help!!
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xabiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not familar with Xoom's position on removing/hiding them annoying commercials. But I'd like to point to your attention that some companys will "throw you out" if you don't wanna show ads on your page (and you ain't paying for it). FortuneCity makes it clear to all their members that if you hide the commercial banner (that they put on your page), or place it in a frame where it can't be seen, you'll be warned, and following (if you continue on doing it) your account (and website) will be deleted. I don't know if Xoom has the same rules as FortuneCity, but I think it would be worth checking it out first.
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