tabstrip question (VB6)

How do I programicaly select one of the tabs on a tabstrip?
On a sstab I use sstab1.Tab = 2, but I can not find i way to do it
on a tabstrip.
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Use this syntax:

TabStrip1.Tabs(2).Selected = True

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You need to have two public variables in that form, such as CurrentTab, PrevTab. In the Tabstrip's click event, have code something like this:
In this, you can keep a separate frame for each tabpage. When a tabpage is selected make the specific frame visible and all others invisible.

CurrentTab = Tabstrip1.SelectedItem.Index - 1

If CurrentTab <> PreviousTab then
...   'Do some process like making the frame visible & other frames invisible
PreviousTab = CurrentTab

Hope this would be useful
trondsorensenAuthor Commented:
I thought it was that easy, just couldnt figure it out :-)
trondsorensenAuthor Commented:
I am sorry tirupur_selva, but this is not what I was asking. Maybe it is my english wich is not as good as I like to think ;-)
I wanted to select a tab progamicaly, like if I press command1, tab1 gets selected. But thanks for your effort.
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