HP ScanJet 6300 C - software & CD questions

I'm a Newbie.

I've just purchased this scanner as part of a package from Dell.
The Installed software is:
Adobe Delux business 1.1
PageKeeper Standard 3.0
PageKeeper Scan
Hemera Photo Objects Galary

The only CD-Rom disk I received is entitled:
HP Scanning Software- HP PrecisionScan Pro

Is the above software all on this CD??

The Adobe program is instructing me to insert the CD for additional applications such as templates for photo albums.

Is this the correct CD to use.
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DarthmaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep, all of that software is on the one CD.  If you need to install the software on your computer, just put the CD in the CD-ROM (if you have your system setup for autoplay, then the option to install the software will automatically pop up) - (it's the last option of three, entitled "install software" or something to that effect.

If you DON'T have autoplay turned on, then go to your start menu, click on "run" and then type in your CD-ROM drive (most of the time this will be d:\ or e:\) followed by setup.exe).  Your install option should come up then.  

As for the clipart and templates, when it prompts you for the cd, then just put the CD in the CD-ROM.  It should find the files it's looking for automatically.
All the software is on the one CD.  The templates for Photodeluxe are in the <cd-rom drive letter>:\pdart\templates folder.

When prompted to insert the cd for the templates, use the HP Scanning s/w cd and point the program to the above folder to get a template.

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