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Hey there,

I was wondering about the following, when I right click on certain files I get all sorts of options..just to name a few I get "Add to **.zip* or "Upload with CuteFTP" I would like to remove a few of those, and if possible I would like to add a few myself.

I was wondering if there was any product out there that could help me do this in any easy..preferably point and click system.

Thanks in advance.
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Well, it's possible, but it's quite a technical thing.

However, it's quite easy to add/remove some items in the context-menu.

Open the registry-editor, regedit.exe
In the HK_CLASSES_ROOT, scroll to the extension you'd like to edit, for example '.zip'. There you'll find a discription and a content-type for that file. Next, try to find the description, in the same list, in this case 'WinZip'.

In this key you'll find, under the 'shell' key some things that are possible with this key. For example, 'open' has has another command-key with the value "C:\PROGRA~1\WINZIP\winzip32.exe "%1""

This means that the program (%1) will be opened by the winzip - application. You can add keys like this to anything you want.

There's a lot more to tell about it, but that's too much to do here

Be careful with regedit; you can wreck you windows-installation easily by doing the wrong things!

Blades1999Author Commented:
Well I know that it can be done with some other program so that you can easily change it with the click of your mouse, maybe someone else knows about this ?.

Thanks for your help Pistole
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