Win 98 SE Problems

I installed Win 98 (Second edition) a couple of weeks ago and I have had
nothing but problems with my system since.  The problems include:

1)  The clock no longer keeps good time.  After the computer is on for a
few hours it loses about 30 minutes of time.

2)  When I have a couple of applications open (I have 192 Megs of Ram on
this 233 mhz PII machine).,  The mouse seems to drag..meaning it appears to
be delayed in moving.

3)  The same thing happens with sound as the mouse. The sound seems to
stagger when I have a couple of applications open.

4)  On a couple of web sites I have had some font problems.  On one site in
particular some of the type is layered on top of other type.

5)  The last few days when I have been a away from the computer for a couple
of hours I have received a "Mobsync" error and an application has had to be
shut down.

Please let me know how I can best address these problems.


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Reinstall windows.
If that doesn't work you might have a bad copy of Win98, contact Microsoft.
Before reinstalling, first go to Start, Run, type SFC (System File Checker) and hit enter, this will check your system for missing or corupted files and prompt you to replace them, make sure you have your Win98 disk handy

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Also run the repair for ie5.  The sync file is associated with ie5 and it is recommended to try the repair.

Control Panel
Add/remove programs
Double click on IE5

Goood luck.

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If the re-install of Windows does not work, you also may wish to look for an updated BIOS for your system.  Win98 is very different from Win95 in regards to BIOS interaction, as is Win98:SE.

Also, if you have power management enabled, try disabling it.
Another thought, try checking for virus's, this could be from one.
With the clock problem, the bios battery is always suspect. you can get some pretty strange things with low power.  Also with a new install of windows, you may have the wrong time zone set.
tbruno15Author Commented:
Thanks...I found a number of corrupt files during this process and my system seems to be working fine now.  My only problem now is that I get soem of the errors when 1 specific application is open.  Maybe you can suggest something for that.

Humm, When you have the problem, is there anything else running, maybe in the background? Hit (Ctrl,Alt,Delete) and see what all is listed then open and run program as normal and see if it hangs, if it does then do the (C,A,D) and end task on everything except Explorer & Systray, then open the program again and see what happens, if it runs fine then do the (C,A,D) and just end task on one at a time and test looking for the trouble program.
tbruno15Author Commented:
I believe the problem is with Groupwise.  Prior to making the changes you suggested I was having those problems every day.  Once I detected the corrupt files the problems stopped, but I had not run Groupwise in a few days.  When I opened Groupwise last night the clock began to slow again.  Though I didnt have any problems with the mouse or sound and the mob sync error has not returned.

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