Fatal error line too long

I am new to Delphi and am trying to compile code available at:


but I get the following error:

[Fatal Error] WinJab.dpr(1): Line too long (more than 1023 characters)

What is causing this?
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The DPR file is fine. What version of delphi are you compiling it with?

Have you modified the .DPR file? Have you check that line 1 isn't corrupted?

ive downloaded and look at these and they are corrupt.
Delphi expects each line to be terminated with a carriage-return/line-feed pair. Some lines in them units are terminated only with a carriage return.

open about1.dfm in notepad and you see what i mean it has block char instead of proper escape sequence..
(open a normal one of your to see the difference)
you should email the authors and let them know,they will probably send you new one.
otherwise you have to go through tthe dfms and maybe pas's in notepad or dos edit and retun each line so it has proper carage return..
Regards Barry

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I think the URL may have a clue as to why:  ...\cvs\... It could be a CVS source control area. There may be another place at the site to download the file from. Either that, or download a CVS client and extract the source...


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yes its also possible the files were created with one of them delphi code formatters,ive heard they can do this to dfm's and pas files..
some of them are ok but about.pas etc is a joke its just one long line :-)
ventolinAuthor Commented:
thanks for pointing that out...

how can i fix that? is there a tool i can get to change the CR charaters to the windows format you mentioned?
im sorry as far as i am aware theres no tool apart from the enter key in notepad  .

ive looked at site all over and that is only delphi download (these is others for vb ,java ,unix platforms etc ..

i would get in touch with people on the site they probably help you.
even to let them know of the problem exist.
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