Detecting Selected Rows In DBGrid ?

Hello.. i have a DBGrid with a couple
of records and multiselect = true.
How can i update eg a label with the
count of Selected Rows ?

Eg user click 2 items on DBGrid so the
DBGrid Will update -> MyLabel.Caption := '2';
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hi k6

you can do:

procedure TForm1.DBGrid1CellClick(Column: TColumn);
label1.caption := 'you have selected '+inttostr(dbgrid1.SelectedRows.Count);

Regards Barry

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k6__Author Commented:
Hmm.. i must be very stupid =) eheh.. how can i miss this property.. anyway thanx.. btw.. after selecting one item and then scrolling eg down the grid it doesn't deselects the first item and a second highlighted item remains. (the weird is the SelectedRows.Count Value = 1!) .... do you know how to solve it ?

Thanx a lot for your help
k6__Author Commented:
a typo:
second highlighted item remains
it creates a second highlight .. = 2 blue bars (RowSelect = True)

Also sorry about the duplicates... i think i hitted only once...
no i tried this myself its like it doesnt do it until unselected again.strange,i think meikl(kretzschmar) did a component for similar to this for another question where had problem with will be near top of his paq if you want to risk the points to see if it helps.
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