window less applications

please anybody let me know how am i suppose to make window less applications like. sonique mp3 player,like deskmate oska, and winamp. any other resource for this purpose would be of great help.and that dose these applications have a specific name.

thank u
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What OS?  MS Windows?

In MS widows, you just write a program that never creates any windows.  i.e. there is nothing special to be done.
But, applications like WinAmp really _are_ creating a window!

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Those applications are not windowless. They are windows without title bars.
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Try creating a window with the following parameters.

hwnd = CreateWindow( szAppName, szAppName,WS_POPUP | WS_VISIBLE,
        NULL, NULL,
                                    NULL );

Also make sure that your class doesn't have a menu attached to it.


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If you don't want a caption, just specify window styles that don't include the WS_CAPTION style.  Like in cwgues' example above, but he has shown one of many possible styles you might want.  For example, you might want to include the WS_BORDER which he did not,  So use any you want so long as WS_CAPTION is not included.  Note that a few of the other styles imply WS_CAPTION, like WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW.
The question looks vague to me. If you want to write an app that has no windows, just have WinMain do the work and then return. But this does not match your mention of mp3 apps.
dspector, read the question history.  It appears he just doesn't want a caption.
hgm123Author Commented:
Well I have found out that all these sound recorders use Object visual Engine (OVE) for this type of interface desigining. Any body who could guide me how to use OVE with my C++ programme. and where to get ove development part from.

thank u.
cwgues has offered a reasonable answer to your question.  Now you are changing the question on him.
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