Wheel Of Fortune! HELP!

I really really need help for this. I HAVE to make a program that spins a wheel, having 16 slices or categories, and have an arrow on top of the spinning wheel point to a category on the wheel when the wheel stops. Just like "Wheel Of Fortune". I tried rotating the wheel [which is a bitmap, it contains the categories and little icons for each category] from within a PictureBox but it is wayyyyyy to slow...i really really need help, what should i do? how should i do it? do you have any coding? im giving ALL of my points away, i just need the info ASAP. thank you so very much.

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arfnarfsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Manually rotate the picture the 11.25 degrees, as BarryTice suggested, for the total of 32 different pictures.  I'd suggest downloading Paint Shop Pro 6, if you don't have it already.  (30 day free trial).  It is quite simple to perform rotations on your picture with this app.

Take those pictures and load them into an imagelist.  You can easily rotate through the pictures using their index number in a loop by assigning your picture to the proper frame of your collection of 32.  Something like:

Set picWheel.Picture = ImageList.ListImages(x Mod 32).Picture
reflex101Author Commented:
Thanks Ruchi, but im afraid these two programs are no help. i already got them and one of them doesnt even have a wheel [and thats what i need] and the second uses directx7 and is way to messed up and complicated for me to modify. but thanks anwyays. please anybody, i need to figure out how to rotate the wheel - or at least make it seem like it is.
thanks, reflex101
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reflex101Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 110
This is the easy way...

Using the original picture (of the wheel), rotate it 10 degrees, save it as a new picture file. Repeat for a total of 36 times. When you need to turn the wheel, change the picture to the next one and so on...

I would agree with pear49 that the best way is to have a series of bitmaps, but I would suggest that you try using the Picclip control.  See the Redtop sample project in the VB samples\CompTool\Picclip directory to see how it works
pear49 is almost right. But you'll want to rotate it 11.25 degrees (11 deg 15 min, or, in radians, pi/16). Because you have 16 pie wedges in your wheel, this will give you 1/2-wedge rotations -- 32 wheel positions rather than 36 -- which means you'll always end up with one of your pie wedges centered on your selection arrow at the top. -- b.r.t.
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