game port will not boot up

I am running an athlon 550 on a biostar board with a yamaha ymh 724 pci sound/game port card.  When I am finished using the games with a joy stick I SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER.  nEXT TIME WHEN I log on the joy stick will not work.  Going to start  settings control pannel  game controler the response is that the  joy stick is not "not connected".   I then re run the instalation program re boot the computer and then it states that the  joy stick is connected.  I use it and start all over again.  It is a pain to constantly re-install the software.   By the way the sound continues to work even though the game port is not connected.  any ideas to keep me from not having to re-install the software
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John, boot the PC into safemode and then go into control panel, system, device manager. Scroll down to the ports area first and click on the + to expand and check to see if you have multiple entries for the same ports. If you do, remove all of them. Windows will reload them correctly during a restart.

Now move down to the sound card entries and see if you have any multiples listed there. If there are, remove them all and reboot the system to reload just one.

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
What Dennis has posted is what was true for us; we had numerous Joy Sticks shown in SAFE MODE, but not normal mode in Device Manager.  We removed ALL occurrences of all related devices.  We also updated DirectX and other fixes from WindowsUpdate which improved all our game environs.  

We also had some strangeness with our Game Controller and had to update our Microsoft Gamepad Software with fixes, helped us.

What type of joystick and software? (assuming not already resolved).

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I found the following helpful when troubleshooting intermittent problems on daughter's joystick and setup.

This may seem really basic, but believe it or not many joystick difficulties are caused by the joystick connector not being firmly seated on the joystick plug. Some joystick connectors fit loosely on the plug and will come dislodged if the cable is pulled just a little. Check the connection first to make sure your problems are not being caused by a dislodged connector:

Shut down your computer FIRST.
Make sure the joystick connector is firmly seated on the plug
IMPORTANT: The joystick plugs into a 15 pin connector. Sometimes there is more than one 15 pin connector on the back of your computer, such as the connector on a network card. Make sure your joystick isn't plugged into the wrong connector.

You also may have a connector from an older, disabled joystick port. If you are using a dedicated game card, make sure the joystick is plugged into the gamecard instead of your sound card.

The link has more information that you'll find, the following examples are a few hyperlinks FYI.

Make sure your joystick is connected properly
Enable joystick control in your game
Be sure only one joystick port is active on your system
Check to see that you have the correct driver loading
Adjust the trim wheels on your joystick
Calibrate in Windows Control Panel
Disable joystick interupt polling
Disable any profilers or tray utilities
Joystick Specifics
Other Possibilities


Great troubleshooting help.

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johnwatAuthor Commented:
give the points to dennis   i found the problem  I had too many irq addresses on my computer so i had to delete one so i got rid of one of my unused ports  so far it seems to have worked   good work for a fast responsonse   to my question  thanks        

Glad your up and running John. I refer to my comment above as the answer here.

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Great news!
Why the "B" grade John if you were happy with the response?
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