Apache - Simple(I think) security question

I have installed Caldera Linux 2.3 which includes an Apache Web Server.  My sole purpose for installing this is to run MRTG to track router traffic.  This web server will be on a private network.  I've got MRTG working and I can view the data logged in as root but I would like to view the data from my workstation with a web browser.

Is there a default location that I can put this data that is automatically available without setting security?  Or is there a quick way to remove restrictions on a directory of my choice?  I've tried putting a directory in the HTML directory but when I try to access it from a web browser it returns "forbidden".

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marko020397Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe you get forbidden only because Apache doesn't find
index.html in the directory. In that case you have forbidden
access to the directory if you don't have directory listing
allowed in your conf.
jcneallAuthor Commented:
That was it!  Thank you.
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