NNTP Service installation failed

My never-ending saga - tried installing NNTP service. Upon reboot received the following error message in the event log - "The Microsoft NNTP Service service terminated with the following error. %1 is not a valid Windows NT application.".

Anyone know just what this means?  I've searched MS Knowledge Base and not come up with anything.

Thanks, Mark
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Tim HolmanCommented:
%1 is a variable passed to a batch file..
eg - if you had a batch file called batch.cmd and ran it as follows :

c:\>batch bananas

then within the batch file, the variable %1 would be assigned the value 'bananas'.

It sounds like some sort of installation script is still running, but can't find what it wants.

What else is on the system ?


NNTP service should just 'install' - it snaps in and out of IIS 4.0 without any problems for me.

It may be best just to wipe the system and start from scratch if you're getting a 'never ending saga of problems' !!
Do you have MS-Exchange installed? If you do and NNTP protocol is enabled then you can't load the MS NNTP service as well.
markxAuthor Commented:
tim_holman: what the heck...i just held my breath and uninstalled/re-installed the entire IIS4 package with all desired options selected.  looks like it went ok.  still need to learn about the certificate server stuff so the service failed to start but i'm sure for legit reasons.  just disbled it for now.

go ahead an repost your comments as an answer.  rebuilding the entire system at this point seems like more work than required for now.  a number of the 'ongoing saga' stories don't all relate to this specific installation or relate to earlier problems that have since been resolved.

thanks for your input.  mark
Tim HolmanCommented:
Install IIS without certificate / index servers, then add them later.
Doing it all together may cause problems.

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markxAuthor Commented:
thanks for the input.  mx
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