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Sorgie, rayt333 and frnzxguy.
How do I reply to a reply? I am sending this as a question since I don't know how to reply to anyone and to answer someone else's question. My question is only to know for the future. Yes I have a full version of Win 98 SE. I don't have a copy Win 98 since I sent it to Microsoft in exchange for SE.
I haven't installed the SE since I am led to believe that I will lose my icons, and macro buttons and I am talking like 100 items. Is there a good place to buy the Win 98 disk cheap for the lack of having it on hand if the SE doesn't have the file?

Gary F. Pitel
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ghostrider_2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When you install windows SE over the top on the normal one all it does is updates the files and leaves all of your current settings the same.
So install it and dont worry about having none of your settings gone.
RDOC061697Author Commented:
I am still questioning have to post a reply to a reply and how to answer someone else's posted
Question? Is there an inexpensive way to order a Win 98 First Edition?

Gary F. Pitel
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