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I have Linux 2.0, and I use some virtual Domains, I can Recive emails using de virtual domains, but I can´t send a email using the virtual domian. The error is 550 Relaying Denied.
 I need Help.
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marko020397Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You could look in the /etc/ file and find the line
where it says "Relaying denied". You can then comment
this line by putting # in the first column. Your sendmail
will now relay all mail. This solution is not good, because
anyone could now relay through your machine and sooner
or later some guys will show up who will use your relay to
send spam mail through your mail server.

The other solution is to allow relaying only to domains on
your computer. You will have to write the domains in
/etc/ Then you will have to specifiy from which
IP addresses relaying is allowed. I have RedHat Linux 6.0
and I will write where I have to specify. It is possible that
you will have to find it somewhere else on your Linux.
In /etc/mail/access I specify IPs. When I make changes
in /etc/mail I have to run make in this directory to make
map files. You will find your access file somwhere close to
the file where you write in virtual email adresses.
I have the same problem but on XP, what do I do?
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