Bluescreen while surfing / ISDN Fritz Card Classic

Afte installing my Fritz Card Classic on NT4 SP6 I often get a BlueScreen while surfing web.
The following message appears:
STOP: 0x0000A
irql:1d DPC Sysver(0xf0000565)

My Motherboard is Tomcat4; IDE Busmastering is activated. I'm running
McAfee Viruscan NT 4.0.  GetRitht is active.
What could be the reason for the crash.
Thanks very much for help.
Best regards
Wilhelm Schoeffel
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Tim HolmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it work if you back out of the service pack ?
Blue screens suggest either operating system or hardware problems.
You could try another modem (doesn't have to be ISDN) to eliminate NT problems ?
Otherwise, get the latest possible drivers for your ISDN card and check with the manufacturers that it works with NT (or the hardware compatibilty list).
If you didn't install the fixed version of SP6 (SP6a)  you'll have many more problems like that.  The only thing is you gotta reinstall NT.  We have had a number of computers (especially NT Servers) crash because of this problem.

The SP6a maye fix the problem.  But not 100% sure.
After installing your "Fritz Card Classic", you didn't reinstall the Service Pack.  This error was fixed in SP4 and should be fixed again once you reinstall your Service Pack.
sch005Author Commented:
I have installed SP6 and then SP6a. After installing FritzCard, i reinstalled SP6a. The problem already
is present. But I feel that after SP6 it is more frequently.
sch005Author Commented:
It is not possible to back out SP6/6a.
I also installed the latest drivers from AVM. To try another modem is possible; I will experiment next weekend.
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