Sending Mail and NT - Problems

I am developing a program which sends mail with or without attachments, using MS Outlook.

When run on Win95/98 I get ne problems, the mail and its attachments are sent okay, however, when run on NT, I SOMETIMES get the following error:

Unspecified Error

Pretty annoying!!

The NT machine is a Server machine and MS exchange is being used. The error only occurs everynow and then, and only when sending an attachment which is the results of a query or report from an Access database.

The Error occurs ONLY at the point of using the Send command (Which is directed at Outlook)

Any help would be much appreciated

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Maybe it's the size of the attachment.
If it is too big according to the settings of MSExc, then an error occurs.

grtx, RoverM

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buggodAuthor Commented:
Thanks people. Checking it out....

buggodAuthor Commented:

Excellent Links!

The problem was that *sometimes* there would be no message in the mail, and MS in their wisdom will not allow this to happen when there is an attachment!!

Simple fix was just to check the size of the message body text and add a space if it is zero bytes.

Nice work, many thanks....

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