Copy a Screensaver to Another Computer

I would like to copy a screensaver to another computer.  Can someone tell me how do I determine what files need to be copied?  For example, if I want to copy the "underwater" screensaver how do I know what other files to copy besides the "underwater.scr" file.  Thanks for you help.
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Sometimes there will be underwater.exe or any other extension. If not-copy .scr, try to run it and it may tell you " File such and such missing", go back, copy, adn try again, it may work already or ask for another file
mmj1Author Commented:
I looked for a underwater.exe and there was none.  I also double-clicked on the icon "underwater.scr" and a blank screen comes up.  When I searched the c: drive for "underwater"  -- 41 different files came up, but none were .exe files - even though this didn't work - thanks for you help.
If mmj1's suggestion of copying just the .scr file to the other computer doesn't work, there may not be any (easy) way to copy the screensaver to another computer.  There could be registry entries and there is no telling what files are used.

Your best bet would then be to find the program on the web somewhere and download it to the other computer.  Try this link for underwater screensavers (who knows, you might even find one you like better ;-).  Good luck!


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mmj1Author Commented:
Thanks for the insight.  I think your suggestion is a good one!
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