In MsHTML.h there's an interface
called IMarkupServices.

The MSDN claims the control to be
part of MSHTML.dll. This is not the case!

I already tried:
1. Install IE5.0 and see if the control is supported.
2. Search the platform SDK for the
control (did not find it there).
3. Search the web...

I'd appreciate assistance in locating
the control
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is in the mshtml.dll.

Introduction to Markup Services

The latest Platform SDK can be found at

or the MSDN CDs.
amichay_orenAuthor Commented:
Let me clarify:

I'm using VC++ 6.0, when I attempt
to use the interface, while linking
I get a response that
_IID_IMarkupServices is not defined.
I defined it myself, using the
MSHTML .tlb file. But I do not belive
this is a well formed solution.

I've already read all Microsoft
documentation and installed the

After install the Platform SDK, you need to set the include/lib directories to the Platform SDK's. From Visual C++ 6.0, choose menu Tools/Options..., Directories tab.
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amichay_orenAuthor Commented:
Thanks you for your assitance,

However, I've used windiff to
varify that mshtml.h in the Platform SDK
and in the version I have in my vc++
directories is the same. Should I
include something else???
You said that you got a linker error. So, the header file should be OK. Instead, you should use the latest .lib files that come with the Platform SDK.
amichay_orenAuthor Commented:
Pardon me, but mshtml does not have a
..lib file.

When I define the IIDs myself (taken
from the .tlb) it does link and work

Do you know which library should include
the definition?
I don't have the Platform SDK here. I think it is uuid.lib.
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