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  I'm converting a database from Access 2000 into Lotus Approach 97. I'm familiar with Access, but just learning Approach. I've got a calculated field set up on a form with a repeating panel.
   What I want the field to do is take each instance of a field called "DRUM_QUANT" on the repeating panel and total it up. Sounds easy enough. So I create a field and place it at the bottom of my form (outside of the repeating panel). I hook it up so it's a calculated type field and set the formula to: SSum(WasteIn.DRUM_QUANT), which should do exactly what I want it to do. Unfortunately, it doesn't. I tried placing the field inside the repeating panel, but no luck. Either way, the field stays completely empty.
   I was successful at creating another calculated field which multiplied a unit price by the quantity of drums to get a total price, so I know that I'm going about this the right way. Am I missing something?
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The secret to getting this field to calculate is in Field Definition on the "Summary Options" tab. This option defaults to "On summary panels where placed" because most calculated fields are used in reports. On a form view, the option should be set to "All records in database xxx" where xxx is the table the repeating panel is based on.

The field needs to be outside of the repeating panel to be calculated correctly!


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punkerAuthor Commented:
Wonderful! I knew I was missing something simple like that. Unfortunately, my book did not mention this point...
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