Win98 restart

I have an AMDK6 2/333 with 128K running Win98. When I try to copy or unzip files to my "A" drive, Windows reboots about half way through. I can copy files form the drive with no problem. I ran SFC, it shows nothing. Any ideas?

Thank in advance
  Jim Dodson  
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for 20 points, I'll tell you that there's either an IRQ conflict or the floppy drive or cable is shorted or having problems.  Typically an easy problem is 50 points.
What bios are you using and what settings does it have regarding your Floppy drive (or other removable media)?
BucknekedAuthor Commented:
AMI plug & play Ver1.0a

Settings are: Generic NEC Floopy Disk
                      Working properly
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BucknekedAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 50
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