Not booting

I have a pc that starts to power up but that is all it does. It does not begin with the POST or anything like that. The power light comes on, the fan in the power supply turns as does the CPU fan But that is all. What could be the problem?
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To expand on otta's comment, what you need to do is figure out whether it is one of the components in the system causing the problem or if it's the motherbaord.  As Otta said, removing and reinserting the cards can help if it's a problem with the connection.  Also, removing any "extra" cards like sound and modem or network, etc.

Some further ideas.  If after removing the "extra" cards, it still doesn't post, remove everything including the monitor, printer, keybaord, and mouse and see if it gets a post beep.  If it doesn't you know it's the motherboard.  If it does, the you know it's one of the components we removed.  Add them back one at a time until the problem resurfaces.  At that point, you know that the last thing added is what's causing the problem.  I've seen everything from a bad motherboard to a bad mouse cause these problems.
Disconnect the ribbon-cables to the hard-drive, the diskette, and the CD-ROM, and try again.

Try the RAM in another computer.

Remove the video-card, and re-insert it, to ensure a tight connection, and try again.

Remove any sound-card and any modem, and try again.

Does it "beep" once at POST-time?
Is the video-cable tightly-connected to the video-card?

If it still fails, it's either the CPU or the motherboard which is dead.


Give more details ...
pc type ?
old pc ?
first time ?

- Beep during boot ... Verify memory
- Verify internal battery. If dead, sometimes impossible to boot.
- Open box and verify connections
- Verify processor
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What is the make and model on the PC.
Have you done any recent hardware maintenance such as add new devices etc?

To start with I would pop the case and check all the connections for

Hard drives (data cables and power)
Is the chipset seated properly.

Power connection from powersupply to the motherboard.  Some CPU fans are powered off the power supply and not off the mother board.  

Let us know.

SanmarcoAuthor Commented:
Hi everybody, thank you all for your help. I am going to follow all the advice that I have been given and I will report back.
SanmarcoAuthor Commented:
Well, I tried everything and finally I did what 1cell said and that was to remove everything. I got down to the bare Motherboard and still no POST beeb. I would say the Motherboard is dead. Would you all agree with this?
dead, dead, dead.  

that is if the power supply is known good andgetting power to the board.  check all the cables internally and make sure nothing is questionable.  Then , if the power supply fan spins and the drives power up, I would say bad mobo!
SanmarcoAuthor Commented:
Ok, I did what you said and I think the Motherboard is dead. I think the power supply is known good because the cd rom works and the power supply fan works as does the fan on the CPU.
there ya go.....
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