How to retrieve a file from a SCO box to NT wkstn via telnet?

I can telnet into a SCO server (openserver v.5.0.5) and find the ASCII file I want; what's the easiest way to transfer that ASCII file back to my NT workstation?
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FTP would be the easiest it the SCO box has it enabled. Otherwise, you could just tell the NT telnet program to "Start Logging", "cat" the file, then "Stop Logging". You might have to fiddle with the line terminators once you've got it on NT.
RLFrankeAuthor Commented:
Thanks - that's what I suspected.
You're welcome... Glad I could help.
How about using VisionFS which comes as standard with SCO 5.0.5. This piece of software makes the Unix server appear as an SMB server  (microsoft client) to the rest of the network. With the appropriate directories shared on the Unix machine, the client PC's can map drives to these shares and transfer data in the normal way of dragging and dropping.
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