Windows Setup Program Problem

When using Windows Setup, it initializes, then quits.  It says that it requires the largest executable program size to be 479K+.  How do I create this?  I can't get Windows to load at all.  When starting Windows without the boot disk, it says it is missing ios.vxd and ifsmgr.vxd.  I don't have these files.  How do I get them? I have this problem after installing a 17GB Maxtor hard drive.  The system recognizes it, but my CD-ROM does not work now.  Please help!!!
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oldgreyguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would do the following:

1/ boot the system with a known good Win98 boot disk, and make sure that it cranks up the CDROM

2/ Fdisk the hard drive, then reboot, again with the floppy, but boot it into safe mode command prompt only (format wants a lot of memory, this doesn't and format /s the drive (this loads the system files. Once the format is completed, make two directories on the hard drive, CDROM and WIN98CAB (or whatever you want to call them. Copy MSCDEX.EXE and OAKCDROM.SYS from the floppy to the CDROM folder. Then make a CONFIG.SYS with one line:


and an AUTOEXEC.BAT with one line:


pull the floppy, reboot, when you get to a C:, insert your WINDOWS98 cd, change to the WIN98 folder, and copy all the files to the C:\WIN98CAB folder.

when that is done, remove the cd, reboot again into SAFE MODE COMMAND PROMPT ONLY, change to your WIN98CAB folder, and run SETUP.

this will get you past the memory issues, and you will not have to load Himem.sys and emm386

Try getting a Windows 98 boot disk, which has a totally different booting sequence. With the Windows 98 boot disk, your CD-ROM will automatically be loaded, and all your other TSR programs (since it still in DOS) will also be loaded in XMS. You will have a maximum om free conventional memory.
mijenAuthor Commented:
I tried this with Windows 98 and I get the same message when running the Windows Setup program.  I was/am currently running Windows 95.
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you said I was/am currently running 95... question ? does this 17 gig hard drive have a system on it at this time ,
if not has it been partitioned and formated??
 ,do you have oem version 98 or 98 upgrade   in other words need more info
Sorry to ask a dumb question, did you run FDISK and partition your HD and set one active? then reboot and "format C: /S" ??
Then boot with the Win98 bootdisk again and select "with CD-Rom support" then select your CD-Rom and run setup
mijenAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you all for your comments.  I will try your suggestions and accept the answer that provides the resolution.  Again, thanks for your comments.

mijenAuthor Commented:
It turns out that the primary connector ribbon was not connected to the right drive.  So the closest answer, and must relevant to what I eventually had to do, goes to the oldgreyguy.  Thanks to all for your help!
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