can win2000 join others

if i have on my computer win NT and win95, can win2000 be installed with the NT 4, so i can choose which of the 3
windowses(95,NT $ or 2000) to work with?
(so all the three will be installed?)
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It SHOULD work.  I experienced a problem on my notebook (that no one else seems to have had) where Win2K's boot manager created bizarre problems in NT.  Bizarre in that NT loaded, but the system process took 99% of the CPU constantly.  My solution was to use a third party boot manager, System Commander.  However, it may have just been my system and Win2K's boot manager may be otherwise fine (further, this was RC2, not the final Win2K release, so it may have been resolved).

Do make sure you have Service Pack 4 or later on NT though - Win2K modifies NTFS volumes to NTFS 5.0 and you need SP4 installed on WinNT or it won't boot (assuming you're using NTFS)
Edy1988Author Commented:
but beside the win2k and win NT, you could operate the win 9x?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you install Win2K?  Yes.  Just tell it you want to do a new install (as opposed to an upgrade).  You'll be able to triple boot using the Win2K boot manager.
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Edy1988Author Commented:
thanks leew!
just be aware of the fact that NT4 cannot access FAT32 partitions.  So what you need to do is say have a minimum of two partitions (one fat16 for the boot partition and to have 95/98 on it, and then an ntfs partition that has NT/2k on it.
Ideally is three partitions (one fat16 for 9x, one NTFS for NT and one NTFS for 2k) this is how I have it configured.
Edy1988Author Commented:
Thank you tvanlint, by the way, how many OS are on your computer?
On my multi boot system, I have Win98, WinNT4.0 and Win2k (release version).  So three.
Edy1988Author Commented:
Thank you very much!
everything right what I reade before.
C:\ primary partition
then a second socalled extented partition with several driveletters.

Take care of the difference between partition and driveletter

On a single pc harddisk only 4 partitions can exist
All Bill-Gates-fdisks can onyl create two partitions: a primary and an extended one

I have a Bootmanager (integrated in the MBR Masterbootrecord)
with which I created 3 primary partitions, the extented partition I had to create with Win98 fdisk.

C:\ DOS FAT 16
D:\ Win95b first FAT 16 then converted to FAT32
E:\ Win98 first FAT 16 then converted to FAT32

in the extended partition several driveletters.
My problem:
I know that all Windows variants have an 8 GB limit to boot.
If i install NT4 in drive over 6 but below 8 GB the NT bootloader shows me an error and game over. MY first tests were made with FAT16. will test NTFS

Bought last week new PC ASUS P2B-DS mainboard with 37.5 GB EIDE drive
S for SCSI, yes I know, CD drive is SCSI, CD writer will follow.

The bootmanager and partitioning program is freeware for private use but in german (my native language)

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Well, since I believe I answered the question before, I'm going to post this further comment as an answer.

Based on the original question, Win98 and WinNT are both currently installed.  Therefore, the answer is to simply install Windows 2000 and all should be fine (provided my buggy experience was just that - a bug with my machine and/or RC2).  If it's not fine, then you'll have to restore NT4's boot information and get a third party boot manager - again, I recommend System Commander (primarily because it's the only I've tried and it works great, saving each OS's boot files in a sub directory and copying them once the OS is chosen)  

Further note - if your NT drive is currently NTFS, you'll want to have Service Pack 4 or later on it because Windows 2000 updates the NTFS volumes to NTFS 5 which cannot be read by Windows NT pre SP4 (this means you wouldn't be able to boot NT).  Also, don't convert either the boot drive (C) or the drive with NT on it to FAT32.  If you do, you won't be able to boot NT again.  If you choose FAT32 for Win2K on a separate partition, you can buy a FAT32 driver for NT4 from WINTERNALS.COM (I think about $90) which will let you read and write to FAT32 drives under NT.  (I believe they still have a demo of this that is read only - I'm using it myself.

WARNING - even with the FAT32 driver, you won't be able to boot NT if you convert the C or NT drive to FAT32 - this driver loads after NT has started loading and NT can't initially read the FAT32 drives.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
of course, I forgot to change it from a comment to an answer...

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copy your bootsec.nt to bootsec.nt4
install win2ooo
edit your boot.ini and add following
c:\bootsect.nt4="nt4" /nt4
c:\bootsect.win9x="win9x" /win9x
this should work it works for me
Edy1988Author Commented:
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