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I want to put the tabs in a property sheet to be displayed Vertically ,instead of them being displayed horizontally by default,and also i want the tab title or tab name to be displayed Horizontally ...I am able to do the vertcial placement of a tab control in a dialog by assigning the tab control style as TCS_VERTICAL,but the text also appears as vertical ,i want the text to appear as Horizontal and all this to work in a Propertysheet....The UI should have following look...
       ________________________________       |
      |Page 1
      |       |
      | Page 2 |
       |        |
      | Page 3 |

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  I have used the following code in OnInitDialog() of my CPropertysheet class.
CTabCtrl* tabCtrl = GetTabControl();

CSize size(20,20);
tabCtrl->SetPadding( size );
Your requirement is met. But initially when the Property sheet is shown the tab control texts are not shown. When you press "Ctrl + tab", the tabs are shown as per the requirement you mentioned.
Hope this will help you.



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bhoomi_2000Author Commented:
Thanks for the Answer,but it leaves a lot of work to Do ,as you have to resize the Tabs ,so the other solution would be to have a Owner Drawn Tab,with
tab control as TCS_OWNERDRAWNFIXED ,these has more work ,but leaves with the option of better control
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