What is the advantage to the MVC architechure?

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I've just finished writing code for a Slider, that works better, looks prettier, and runs faster that that of the code Sun designed. This doesn't surprise me much because I left out all the unwanted methods and variables that typically don't  get used. But I'm sitting here wondering why the MVC method was employed by sun when what I did (just extending a JComponent) works fine (actually better than fine).

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but using MVC is a good OOD :)

Read Design Patterns - GoF :)

If You want I can sent it to you via e-mail
Because it is easy after to have many represantations of the same data.

For tables examples, this is obvious, you can have a data model represented by a JTable (The view) in a window and represented by a custom piechart in another window.  All you've done is to create another view, no need to have another copy of the data and both views are perfectly synchronized.

For sliders things may seems less obvious but again you could want many representations of the slider sharing the same data.

The MVC method is perhaps less performant than custom made components but it is far more powerful when developping large systems.

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